Local cloud server on Intel Edison

Hi there,
I got local cloud server running on Intel Edison. Generally speaking the setup was straightforward . I just followed instructions. I also seem to manage to connect a Photon to the local cloud.
I have troubles with the following steps:

  1. How to login to local cloud server? Do I need an account for the local cloud? I tried using CLI but it always showed me the particle.io account so I am quite confused here

2.Next question is how to get the auth token for the local cloud ? I guess it will be a result from answering p.1

Any help will be appreciated.

This should work: https://github.com/spark/particle-cli#particle-config

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Thanks the link is most helpful, however I am more curious about whether it is possible to have multiple users on local cloud.

Do you know whether there is information about how to achieve this?

You can have multiple users but they will all have control over any devices connected to the local :cloud: since it’s not designed to support multi-user use case. You can always improve upon the existing code :wink: