Lithium Ion Battery - 6ah questions

I’m looking for a battery that is larger than:

|Model Number|LP103450|
Voltage 3.7V DC

But is compliant with all international safety and transportation standards, and doesn’t require recertification or marking for use in transportation. I’m looking to extend battery life but not reduce communication frequency with the photon. Has anyone done research on this that you can share?


Batteries are tricky. There’s (almost) no such thing as an off-the-shelf battery pack. If you go directly to a battery vendor (which looks like you have some experience) they’ll usually sell the packs uncertified. It’s up to you then to get them certified.

Have you considered cylindrical cells? The ones from Panasonic are pre-certified. Shipping lithium batteries still have limitations (by air) but they should be good to go.

You may want to try and see if they have something off the shelf. Sometimes they do. In my experience, usually they don’t. They get their cells from factories in China so best to go direct if cost is a factor.

I’ve interacted with Tenergy in the past. They actually keep stock of cylindrical cells in the USA. I was looking into their 18650 and smaller offerings.

Couple of factors at play here

  1. How will you power the system and related how do you plan to charge the battery?
  2. Will device be sleeping a lot?
  3. Temperature of the location (high and low)

+1 to @RWB’s suggestion for BatterySpace.
They have a lot of information about the Certification Process on their website also.
Here’s a 5Ah:


You guys are awesome thanks!