Listing the devices in the Photon

Hi guys,

I would like to have a list of all the photons connected inside of the photon, i.e. I have two photons and I want a list of all the photons to make it possible for future connections. Is it possible?

Thank you.


You could use a webhook to check the API? It’s not a native functionality (yet?) How would you use this?

I will have two photons, each of them will have different functions and events, and the idea is to subscribe to this events without knowing the existence of other photons.

Why would you need to list the devices to do that? A subscription doesn’t care about devices, just the names of the events (unless you’ve specified a specific ID). Calling functions can’t be done from a device, so you’ll need to access the API regardless, from which you can poll your devices.

I still fail to see how it would be useful to list devices from a device :frowning:

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