IFTTT - "any device" option instead of having to specify one


I would love, at least for “event published” in the conditionnal part to have an option to specify “any device” (which I manage), instead of having to specify one…

Is it possible?



You could have one proxy function on a single device that triggers a publish event to which the other Photons respond.

Or, look into what the Maker Channel can do here. You may be able to address them all from there with a single GET that publishes…, not sure about that method, though.

Hey, I’ve actually thought about this in the past as well. Let me talk to some people and see what they think about this-- it’s a good idea.

I thought it should be feasible, to match the “MY_DEVICES”, instead of specifying one device only :smile:

@BulldogLowell thanks for the workaround suggestion, which is a good solution, but at the same time, having one device dedicated as a proxy could be a single point of potential failure… Other approach could be that all devices could stand for such proxy functionality, kind of mesh functionality, but much more complex to implement, with rather should be at the OS level