Link not working to find cellular provider

Hi everyone.

Trying to set up my electron, but not working.

I am reading the common-issues, but to my frustration the following link does not provide a dropdown at the bottom of the page to choose country.

Where do I find cellular provider?

What exactly is your issue? (Apart from the obvious lack of the info you were looking for)
In what way does the Electron setup not work?
Have you got the LiPo charged and connected?
What does the RGB LED tell?

@dauledk, I got a link where to find that info you were looking for from @rickkas7 (thanks :+1:)

Hi ScruffR.

I am trying to follow the setup guide. (, and since it is not breathing cyan I am following the troubleshooting guide.
Becauase of your help I now know there is fine celullar coverage, since my phone uses the same carrier.

To move forward, I have now updated the firmware using the CLI, and try to go over the setup again after a cold restart.

But I have not seen the LED breathing any color yet, only solid colors. It worries me :joy:

Solid colors are usually not good.
Can you post a video?


Link is here:

Just before doing the video it did 2-3 flashes of red :frowning:

And then solid cyan:

And now i managed to get a video of the flashing red

This initial red code is an SOS panic code, which usually looks like SOS + X slower blinks + SOS.
The X slower blinks should provide a reason for the panic, but that’s not clear on the last video.

Also could you try to activate Safe Mode and see if the SOS happens there too?

Hi ScruffR.

No SOS in safe mode.

What to do from here?

This suggests that you had flashed code to your Electron that causes the SOS panic.

To get back up running you can either flash good code (e.g. Tinker) OTA while in Safe Mode (breathing magenta) or you put your device into DFU Mode and use

particle flash --usb tinker

To do the same via cable

After that you should be back to breathing cyan and then we can have a look at your code, what might have caused the panic attack :wink:

Amazing! :grin:

There was no code on the cellular of my knowledge - so flashing --usb did the trick!

Thanks for the help!

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