LIght Switch tutorial

I was wondering if anyone has stumbled across a tutorial on how to make a light switch from a particle photon.

the $50-70 dollar light switches at HD an other places really put a crimp on my home automation dreams.

I want to do the following for starters

Monitor lighting on/off and be able to turn it on and off.
Garage door monitoring.

Thanks in advance.
I haven’t seen much on the light switch…I know it will involve a relay but I need to address powering the photon/(insert better device) and other issues.


It kind of depends on how much room you’ve got to spare. If space isn’t an issue, simply hook up a photon, relays, and maybe a light sensor. Then you should be good to go.
If you have to recess it in a wall socket, things might get a bit more complicated due to size constraints.
You could use 433Hz outlets as well, if it doesn’t have to be built-in.

Anyhow, we need a bit more info on the requirements in order to give more specific suggestions.

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Building something as small as those found at HD etc will be very hard to do for under $50 :frowning:
I do it with things like Particle because it’s fun.

You will need at least (sorry in Canadian Dollars, so likely 25% cheaper for the Americans on the site)
Particle - $29
High quality 10to15A relay and related flyback diodes and connections - 15$
120v to 5 or 3.3v (depends on how small of a package you want, can use externally usb charger “wall wart” or buy an internal premade circuit, so $5 to $15.

Or just grab a Wimo for $50 :laughing: but that’s no fun and can’t do things like check temp, or motion etc. (which would add to the above cost but eBay can keep those things cheap)