Use Particle Photon to turn on Wifi connected PC

Hi all!

I removed Ethernet from my pc and my motherboard doesn’t allow me to turn it on with wifi connection from remote.
I decided to use a photon, connecting it to the physical power button of the computer.

Can I connect the photon directly or I should use some kind of relay?

In this case what would you suggest:


I do not know much about electronics and I would prefer not to kill my Photon and/or Pc :smile:


You need to use a relay (or a transistor).
And with v0.6.0 you may even be able to do it via USB if your motherboard supports wake on HID (mouse or keyboard).

For the relay, you should choose one that can be driven with 5V max and will switch with a 3.3V HIGH signal.
One of your relays needs 12V and the other is 5V but doesn’t state that you can use 3.3V on the In pin.
But you can try, and if 3.3V is not enough use a transistor to trigger In.
Or you search for a 3.3V relay.

Thanks for your input!

I have chosen the version with optoisolator:

I hope it’ll work well :smile:

But that is the 12V relay, how will you be powering it?
The 5V relay could be powered by the same 5V source as your Photon

Damn, that is true!

I just cared about the isolation…

I will contact the company and change the order, thanks for pointing this out.

Hi, there’s a project in hackster that implemented a similar thing in this link.
Hope it helps

Here is another option for adding a relay. Not the cheapest solution but it has some benefits.

In case anybody in future is fighting with the same issue I’ve put my working code on GitHub with comments and instructions :smile:

Have fun!

how is this possible? I Want to make same :confused:

I do not want to regret having understood the particle photon
Help please :sweat:

The article explains both how it works, and how it’s done, so I’m not exactly sure on your question. What exactly do you want to know?

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If it’s working on a Spark Core it will 99.9% work with its successor Particle Photon too.

Just as side note, you can even power the Photon from the ATX +5VSB line (purple cable) via Vin - and of course GND - to keep your USB ports free.

I’ve implemented this project with this hardware:

I’ve preferred this approach to keep the Particle electrically isolated from the Pc.

If you need help in implementing plese write about your doubts.

I failed to mention that I did everything exactly as the instructions say and my PC did not turn on, in fact I contacted the author of the post and he said that it is possibly the model of my motherboard that causes me not to turn on my PC, my question is that yes regardless of the post mentioned above, if it is possible to turn on or wake on my PC from anywhere in the world with my particle photon ?, I’m a developer and I have very little knowledge in electronics, I need to work with a remote desktop, I hope you can help me with my problem please :confused:

No mencioné que hice todo exactamente como dicen las instrucciones y mi PC no se activó , de hecho me puse en contacto con el autor de la publicación y me dijo que es posiblemente el modelo de mi placa base lo que me provoca no enciendo mi PC, mi pregunta es sí, independientemente de la publicación mencionada anteriormente, si es posible encender o despertar en mi PC desde cualquier parte del mundo con mi fotón de partículas, soy desarrollador y tengo muy poco conocimiento en electrónica, necesito trabajar con un escritorio remoto, espero que puedan ayudarme con mi problema, por favor:confuso:

My Spanish is not good enough to reply - I could in German tho’ -, but if you can state the model of the motherboard we may be able to confirm that assumption.
If your PC isn’t from the 90s or doesn’t adhere to the ATX standard it should be possible IMO.

Another option is to set the BIOS so that the PC boots up after power comes back after a powerloss then you could just use a relay to switch the mains.

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Yes it is, but we’d need to know what hardware you’ve got. What motherboard do you have? How have you hooked it up? Could you get us some images of the connections?

If you don’t want to mess with the electronics of your computer, you could always put a servo on your on/off switch and trigger it that way…

Though I could do German, the grammar would be horrible, so let’s stick to English :innocent: