Library upload doesn't include .inl files

I’m working with the owner of the lcdgfx library to attempt to add that to the available libraries. However, when using particle library upload, there are .inl files he uses which do not upload. Is there a way to force the upload to include .inl files? This would be a good OLED library to have available, especially as it is the only library I have found that supports the Adafruit Feather 128x64 OLED which might be easy to make work.

Any idea why .inl files are excluded from an upload? Note, he is actually driving this, but I’m working with him as I’m the one who wants the port, but don’t want to own the library at this time. Thank you.

They are not excluded but rather not included.
When I checked the CLI source it features a list of extensions to be uploaded and .inl is just not part of it.

BTW, I think @rickkas7 has contributed a library that does support the 128x64 OLED FeatherWing (and he might also be able to forward the request to extend the list of file types to consider worth uploading).

There’s no key in the file to customize directories or extensions to upload by particle library upload so the library would need to be changed to not use that file extension.

I’m not aware of a driver for the SH1107 on the Adafruit 128x64 OLED Feather for Particle at this time.

There is a driver for the Adafruit 128x32 OLED Feather with the SSD1306.

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Thank you. Is there a list of extensions that are supported somewhere?

Huh, I guess it isn’t documented anywhere. It appears to be:

['*.ino', '*.pde', '*.cpp', '*.c', '*.c++', '*.h', '*.h++', '*.hpp', 
'*.ipp', '*.properties', '*.md', '*.txt', '*.S', '*.a', 'LICENSE'];

Thank you. I have been able to build it locally without the upload. There are several issues with the library that make it hard to build for Particle. I plan to fork his repo and post a link here later with my updates in case anyone else wants to do the same.

Even after all of that, the display is still rotated and offset. I can’t figure out how Adafruit managed to make this work, but it’s not working for me. I may post and ask them to add their libraries to the Particle build system. You can find my changes at the link below if anyone wants to continue to chase this. I am going to move on, this is 2 weeks spent on a low cost OLED that could have been better spent elsewhere.

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