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I am interested to buy the particle sensor kit available in the particle website, I couldn’t find any code library available in the IDE repository.

In case I want to purchase few sensors (temperature, pressure, accelerometer, humidity, light, vibration)…are there any sensor recommended? I would like to leverage existing libraries to build the firmware.

thanks in advance!

Library and photos coming soon… let us see if we can point you in the right direction. From the IDE link you can get into the area. The 5th link down on the left is the libraries. If you type in the sensor name, it usually pops up a selection of potential libraries. If there isn’t a library, I’ll point you to a product page with information to port an existing Arduino library.

[ADXL362] ( accelerometer - user submitted library in the IDE

GP2Y0A710K0F 100-550cm IR Distance sensor - didn’t find one on the IDE; A product page not necessarily the supplier has the following information.

Please note: the wire colorings are not intuitive! Watch out before wiring! The datasheet has wiring details. Connect the two outer ground wires both to ground, the two ‘VCC’ wires both to 5VDC power, and read the analog signal from the Vo wire. The analog voltage out will range from 3V when an object is about 100cm away and 1.4V when the object is 500cm away. For a full graph, showing the distance to analog range, check the datasheet below.

These sensors tend to be a little noisy, we suggest soldering/connecting the included 220uF capacitor to the same place you connect the wires, to provide some filtering on the power supply. Connect the + pin of the capacitor to the Vcc wire connection, and the - pin of the capacitor to the GND wire connection.

Loudness sensor with LM2904 opamp. The link in the Particle docs take you to good information on how to get this sensor working.

MQ2 gas sensor for LPG, i-butane, propane, methane, alcohol, hydrogen and smoke. The PDF points to similar information in the link to the webpage. Again, you will need to do some work yourself to wire this up and use snippets of code. This should be fairly straight forward as you are reading just an analog signal.

SHT10 soil humidity and temperature sensor

  • user submitted library in the IDE (SHT1X)

HC-SR501 PIR motion sensor - no library, but the link in the docs is technical information. I provided an additional link to a tutorial. The programming for this does not look complex.

DS18B20 waterproof temperature sensor – library or two in the IDE; DS18X20 provides support for multiple sensors.

SW18020P vibration sensor - the link in the docs provide product information. Fairly difficult to find something on the internet on this sensor. The linked site suggest wiring this sensor like a button.


very detailed response! really appreciated…thank you so much!

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