Library for rotary encoder

Hello, I am new to programming and I have someone helping me with programming a photon. But we have a question we have not been able to resolve.
Is there is a library for a rotary encoder that includes ‘pushbutton’ functionality - press, long press, and double click

Thanks in advance

Typically you’d treat the rotary encoding separate from the button.
There is a clickButton library that should help you with the latter.
If you are also looking for the rotary encoder part then the Encoder library should be something to look at.


Thanks ScruffR

Is there a way to import a FastLED library into Photon ?
My colleague thinks this is either not straight forward or that there may be an issue around doing this.

I would have thought that this would be rather simple in terms of programming.
Can you clarify this for me please ?


Have you tried searching for the library at all?

Sorry, I thought my colleague would have done that and that was why he was unsure. But it seems that he did not do the search.
thanks you for your help. I will get onto this.

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