Library add case insensitive


You asked for it, you got it: library add is now case insensitive!

You can add the HttpClient library with particle library add httpclient and it will correctly capitalize it in No need to update the CLI version for this.


There is at least one library that exists twice with different casing, which would be included?

ThingSpeak (the original)
thingspeak (the earlier one)


That case will be dealt with specially. One library will have to be renamed in the migration. I haven’t made a decision about this yet. Currently the capitalized one is migrated.


That’s a good choice since that’s the one that comes from the creators of ThingSpeak.

Did you already get the conflict flagged by some tools or just happened to know it (as I knew from past experience)?

But that brings me to a semi-related question: What will happen to abandoned libraries?
There are some that won’t work anymore but the contributor doesn’t accept PRs and won’t work on issues or even the repo has gone missing.


The import script flagged it. There are also 2 ADXL345 (typing from memory).

For abandoned libraries let’s first compile a list to see how many there are. Then we can figure out how to deal with them.


I stumble across them from time to time - where should we collect them?

That’s the one I found an issue, but it never even got a response to that