LG5 not pairing with Argon or Xenon


My LG5 is not pairing with either the Argon or Xenon. It stays on the “Pairing with your …” window. Does anyone have a solution or workaround to this problem?

Initial pairing and update fails - Argon

Do you have the latest Android app?


The Particle app version is 2.3.7. The LG5 is running Android 8.0.0.


Seems like the LG5 phones are having issues.

Earlier reported: Mesh device setup failing with android app

I’ll see where to file this issue and hope there is a fix soon


Same issue here with a Samsung S6 running 2.3.7.

Tried it with my old S3 and that works fine.


More information: I updated the firmware on a Xenon to hybrid-0.8.0-rc.25-xenon.bin using the particle cli on a linux box (Ubuntu 18.04) via USB. Pairing with the LG G5 still doesn’t work.


Note3 fails also downloaded latest version 5 mins ago


Can we please have a workaround as this is not a great first impression after a long wait. Can you confirm this is only an issue on specific phone models or is it location/network etc. Can you give some confirmed working models? Or any other way we can start prototyping?


The new rc26 firmware is likely to fix this for you. Try upgrading to rc26 on your mesh devices, and the Android app should connect just fine. Let us know how it goes!


As an added note to @jensck_particle 's response, if you are having difficulty upgrading over OTA, you can refer to the upgrade methods here at [Updated 12/12] Particle Mesh Known Issues and Fixes