Ko after firmware upload

Sometimes, after a firmware upload, my core restart in a strange state:

Led 1 has all three led on with low intensity and no flashing
Led 2 is on

Someone know what means this state?
(at now i’ve only found a way to reset core…)

what is the led 2?

thanks for help

Hi @blondie63,

That small blue light in the top right corner is connected to the D7 pin, and can go high if that pins gets power, or sometimes comes on when the core is in bootloader mode. Can you try removing it from the breadboard, and using a different usb cable / power supply, and see if it still happens?


Really i’m not using D7 at now…
For my experiments, it seams that my core crash when i send a new firmware when core is in fast loop…
But i’m not sure…