Keurig Connect is done using P1

So a couple of weeks ago I got an invitation from keurig to be in a study being I have a V2 coffee maker. It said it would send me a wifi chip for my machine. So I figured sign me up maybe I can hack it to make me morning coffee or something. Well it arrived today and first thing I did was crack it open. I happened to find a P1 chip inside. Now I got my photon about 2 months ago but just stated to play with it about 2 weeks ago. I don’t have a ton of knowledge. I want to attempt to figure out what exact data is being sent to and from the machine in order to possible write my own code to control the machine. Any ideas?


I’d probably start by tying into those Rx and Tx lines and seeing if I could analyze any serial comms going on? :smile:

So this is going to sound totally noob but can only learn by asking. How do I go about doing that? Or could you point me towards a forum thst covers that.

By the way what is the board that the P1 is on. It have a Particle logo on the back of it.

I’d like to get my hands on a few of those bare boards!

Totally agree

@Tomforti, anything on the other side of the board?

Nothing exciting.


how does the module connect to your wifi?

internet app?



This site

quotes Keurig as saying that the [data] port is for future innovation. Or firmware updates? Or automation control of the appliance?

Now or later, someone will reverse engineer the commands/responses on that UART serial port.

Well we know it can provide some information being that the P1 is grabbing data off the maker via serial question is can you send date to the make to command it?

Can you show the actual interface to the coffee machine?

That’s an elegant little board. Simple and clean. With a little proto area, it would make a great dev board! Hmm… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@BulldogLowell it’s actually just a RJ-11 jack. 3.3v, ground, tx and RX. Nice and simple. I agree @peekay123 I agree I want the eagle drawing that the P1 is sitting on. And he case it’s inside it perfect at well.

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After all of these wifi connected coffee maker posts, someone here MUST implement Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol


Sorry, the user interface… You showed us the variant of Particle app used for the Wifi Connection but I’d like to see how the user activates the coffee machine and what (if any) notifications does it feed back.

How does one make a cup of coffee with this device?

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@BulldogLowell O yea I don’t have a user interface. I just activate the wife for the device and that’s it’s. There’s no access for me at all and I have no idea what control or data keurig is getting with my machine. That’s why i want to tap into the serial to see what conversations are actually taking place. My guess is it’s tracking often and when I’m making a coffee. But the same port might allow me to give the machine commands as well, I have know idea.

What? They expect potential customers to plug this thing into their machine and don’t tell them what the benefit of using it would be?
Who would do that?

BTW: D+/D- pins look interesting - I’d guess these are the USB data lines :wink:
The “odd” thing there is that USB data lines should have “exact” same physical length which doesn’t seem to be the case on this board.