Issues using the GP 20U7 GPS Receiver with Electron


I have bought a GP 20U7 GPS Receiver and I also tried to use the TinyGPS and the TinyGPS++ Library but I don’t get it working… Maybe someone habe the same Module and can help me with this problem…

Best greetings

“It’s not working” isn’t much to go on. What does / doesn’t it do?


I have connected it to 3.3V, GND and the RX Pin of Serial one. (it only have a TX Pin) And then I flashed the example of TinyGPS onto my Electron… But I don’t get the message that the Library don’t get a position.

Best greetings

Just to see what the module does try this simple sketch first

void setup()

void loop()
  while (Serial1.available())

This way you should see in a serial monitor if you can receive anything from the module.


Could it be that you missed the published event, since it only publishes once every 15 minutes? You could add some Serial.prints to the code to see what is does, or doesn’t, do. (@ScruffR beat me to it :unamused:)


Thanks for these Tipp! I will try it.

No, I also set the time to 1 minute. I will try to but get the data wich the module will send by the way wich @ScruffR told be above.

I have connect it now to a Serial to USB and get the Following output:


Obviously there is no GPS fix yet, so let your device run till it gets a fix and post your results then.
But obviously the module and communication works.

Meanwhile you could have a look at this to see what your module is telling you already :wink:

I have this same gps sensor, @stefanmahr did you ever get it to work? I get the same readings.