GP20U7 is not working with Photon

I have been working on the GPS sensor with photon. I am trying to get the latitude and longitude which is not coming. I also included gp20u7_particle code in build.particle. is always throwing 0. Please help me on this.

Note: We included gp20u7_particle.h library in our code and used the “basic-example.cpp” in our photon.

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Did you get this working?
I am using the same GPS Sensor on an Electron.
I simply connect the TX to Serial One RX and on power up the serial data can be read quite easy.
All I will say is it takes a very long time to get the LAT and LONG data.
It sends something like $GPRMC,V,N*93 if it has not locked.
When locked then full data is available.
I am unsure which way up this should be or if an external antenna can be used to increase sensitivity.