Issues flashing Boron from Workbench

After taking about a 10 day hiatus from development, I am in a bit of a pickle with a Boron device that does not seem to want to respond to cloud updates being pushed from Workbench. The Boron is on firmware 1.1.0 and it has worked just fine in the past with me setting Workbench to deviceOS@1.1.0 like now. I can flash it from the web IDE and I can flash a Photon I have from Workbench, so something is working, just not Workbench to Boron. I can reset it from the console after being put into DFU mode. I even created a new project in Workbench and have even uninstalled and reinstalled the deviceOS@1.1.0 support code… all to no avail. What should I check next? Thanks.

EDIT: I should add that Workbench does not complain when flashing. I get no error message that the flashing did not complete or any compile errors. It just sort of… vanishes without at trace.

Can you run particle binary inspect <yourFirmware.bin> on the binary you try to flash?
You could also try a clean task before building.

Yeah, I’ve done a few cleaning passes and local compiles while trying to solve a weird issue where VSC would refuse to see Particle.h after using it just fine for a while, causing me to revert it to application.h to get it to stop complaining.

Here is the result of the inspect command:

Does “manually” flashing via DFU Mode and particle flash --usb boron_firmware_#####.bin work?
If not, can you try particle flash --usb tinker, then check particle list for that Boron and then try flashing the application firmware again and see whether particle list renders a new result for that Boron?

There is an off chance that you are building the wrong project (e.g. another .ino file in the project tree).

I was able to manually flash with my .bin in DFU mode, which seemed to work, then borked out, losing cellular connectivity.

Then I flashed it with tinker in DFU mode and that worked, maintaining cellular connectivity.

I tried again manually flashing with my .bin and it seemed to take the second time through and stay working, maintaining cellular connectivity.

I tried Particle: Cloud Flash and VSC said that it took too long and timed out, but the Boron rebooted anyway as if it had received an update.

I tried Particle: Cloud Flash again and it made it through with no complaints and rebooted.

Seems very tenuous and unpredictable and somewhat stressful when it does not work for some reason and then, for no rational explanation I can come up with, it works again even though I am doing the same thing.

I checked: there is only one .ino in the entire folder tree. Is there anything I can be tossing on a regular basis to keep things neat and tidy, like all the folders that are piling up in the ipch directory?

Thanks for your assistance on this. Note: project name obscured in the screen cap.