Issue with updated Paricle App on Android

My Android device just did a bunch of updates. One update I was expecting was for the Particle App. However, it is behaving strangely. When I select either my Photon or R Pi, and choose the triple dot to open the menu, it opens a blank white box where the menu should appear. Also, I have included another error message; I have no idea if these are related or coincidence.
Is anyone else seeing the same thing? See my screenshots below (with personal details blanked).

@cyclin_al Thank you for reporting an issue. We are aware of a bug with blank menu, fix for that will be in next version.

Error message could be a different bug.
Could you tell me more about your phone (Android version, Model)?
Does it always crash at the same time, or is it a random error happening at random times?

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@julius, I get the same blank menu problem on Android 5.1, regardless of device. Clicking an area of the blank menu still envokes an invisible menu choice. I do not, however, get a crash.


The device is a Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo (SM-G903W).
Android version is 6.0.1.

This only started when I updated the Particle App. It was fine prior to the update. However, the only concern that could be important is Samsung Push Service was updated at the same time. A few other apps also updated at the same time, but I do not see any possible relation with those.