[issue] Pin names and functions show undefined in editor [resolved]

VSCode: 1.27.2

The little red lines show up on D6 and under OUTPUT, HIGH, LOW and delay.

But it appears to compile fine.

I’m not seeing that problem. Have you downloaded the local toolchain? Did you let VS Code index your source folder? And did you use “particle: create new project” or open an existing project?

Yes, I downloaded the 3 vsix files and added each and did a reload after each. I then launched a new VSCode window and created a new empty directory to do some testing. I then did Particle: Create new project. I then went to the src directory and found the initial ino file with my project name. I then typed in the basic blink (“hello world”) program. That is where I see these errors.

Uninstalling the workbench extension and reinstalling appears to have fixed the issue. Hooray!