How to designate pins in VSCode?

I recently moved from the online IDE to VSCode and I am getting an error when I try to designate pins.

const pin_t current1 = A0;

I get the following error:

identifier "A0" is undefined

I have included Particle.h, and set the Argon as the device. Is there a library or devicetree I can access?


Hi Ryan, I've never experienced this issue.
However, I would try the following:

  • create a new Particle project
  • copy and paste your code into the main file of the project
  • build it



Yes, what Gus said. If you just copy and paste the code into a blank directory, VSCode does not realize that it's Particle project. If you Particle: Create New Project it creates the src directory, file, and settings.json and launch.json in the .vscode directory which are required for all of the features to work properly.