[ISSUE]Network Error: Unable to upload or publish my library

Hello community,

I’m using the CLI version 2.16.0 to upload a library I created, but it always ends with Network error from https://api.particle.io/v1/libraries. So I also tried publishing too but the same thing happens. Here’s a screenshot of the verbose output:


  • Operating System: macOS Big Sur version 11.6.
  • CPU Architecture: M1 (Arm-based).
  • Particle CLI Version: 2.16.0.
  • Contents of my particle directory: particle.config.json, profile.json.
  • How was the Particle CLI installed: (advanced) using npm install particle-cli -g.
  • What terminal / shell are you running the Particle CLI within: zsh.

Hi @abdullahmahboob ,

Thank you for writing in.

These issues are almost always caused by restrictive network policies - e.g. user is trying to do something (access network resources, etc) that their corporate firewall does not allow.
1 workaround is to add the particle.io domain to your allow list. Please try and let us know/