[ISSUE] Create new Project does not get past project name

Supporting information

  • VSCode Version: Version 1.28.2 (1.28.2)
  • OS Version: OSX Mojave.
  • Other extensions installed: Particle package beta 4

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Open Visual Code
  2. On the Particle Welcome screen select Create New Project
  3. Enter project name when prompted and press Enter. Nothing happens, goes back to asking for the project name.

confirmed. thanks for the report!

for now, the work-around is to run the command directly: (cmd+shift+p) then start typing Particle: Create Project

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i have never created an extension for vs code so i’m wondering if as part of the extension there is a record or field for supplying an address to use to check for updates to the extension? reason i ask is if i select “check for extension updates” it states no updates available when in fact there was one “alpha4” released recently… or is that option intended just for updates that come from microsoft servers?


  • VSCode Version: Version 1.29.1
  • OS Version: Win10
  • Paticle Workbench 1.0.0-alpha4

Have the same problem but your workaround don’t help. I don’t get past the enter project name.

Having the same issue too
macOS 10.13.8
VCCode 1.29.1

The button does not work and running the command directly doesn’t either.

I also experienced this issue.

Win 10
VSCode 1.28.2
Particle Workbench: 1.0.0-alpha4

Update: As I was typing this, the command finished and created the directory. That was about 10 minutes from first using the “create project” button, and 4 minutes after my most recent attempt with the command.

resolved in the alpha5 update: Developer Preview Changelog - December 4, 2018