Is USB MSD functionality supported?

Hi everyone,
This is my first post here and i have no experience with Particle.
I know the nrf52840 chip has native USB support and with nordic SDK one can program nrf52840 boards to work as USB mass storage devices (one can read/write an SD card over a USB cable).

Is this also possible with Particle HW and Device OS?

The device OS does not support that and AFAICT it’s not high (if at all) on the priority list.
There were also long standing calls for USB HID support on Gen3 devices but that hasn’t been prioritized either.

I’m positive the HW would support it tho’

Thanks for the info!

Based on what i figured out until now Device OS seems to be very similar to Arduino language with some Particle Cloud specific APIs added to it. I also got the info one can include 3rd party libraries.

So this is what i found right now (video here).
Can someone please try if this library would compile with Device OS and run on the Argon board?
In my project it would be vital that the user can analyze logged data even if there is no internet connection without removing the SD card.

Even without USB MSD support you can still do that - maybe less comfortable but with stock APIs only.

If you have local WiFi (without public internet) you can use TCPServer or UDP to communicate and without any WiFi you could use BLE or USB CDC to pull the data off your on-board storage.

The big missing piece to port that library is the Adadfruit_TinyUSB_Core implementation which is most likely not that simple play nicely with the Particle Device OS.

I think USB CDC would fit my needs. Thanks!

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