Nrf52480 without devise os

Hi there, I have a question. Can I remove device os from particle device and use pure nrf52480?

You can, but why would you want to? :wink:

I want to create mesh without gateway. (I want to paired mesh devices without Internet, I think use OpenThread directly). May be you have some thoughts about it?

If you have some idea how I can use nrf chip directly, can you share it:)

Nope, I’ve no deeper insight into that, but you’d have to start with getting yourself acquainted with the Nordic SDK and the OpenThread implementations for it.

Why not use them as they are but disable the cloud connectivity? This is were I would go if I were you.
However, I’m not 100% sure this is possible, but for me it would be worth trying before getting into the pain of flashing a new OS to the device.

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Ok, I try it, but what does it mean: “The device will be registered in the network once it is connected to the cloud.”? I don’t understand, I need anyway cloud connection to registered my network? It’s some strange. Ok, without internet I create mesh network on Argon, and it was successfully, but when I try add node(Xenon) to my network I catch this error: “The assisting device is not a member of any mesh network”. I did it by this guide Thanks a lot.

hey, sorry, I never tried that guide…