Is there onboard sound on Photon?

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When I was setting up my Photon, I swear it made a sound every time the light blinked, but I have been unable to find documentation on how to create sounds without adding an external speaker/buzzer… Is there an onboard way to create sounds?

I actually own this piezo buzzer, but it would be fun to play around without connecting the external buzzer. (see links below)

Is it possible to create sound without an external buzzer/speaker?


Sound is produced by moving air. How would/could the Photon produce sound without a device to do that such as a buzzer or speaker?

Nope, no sound produced. It could have been your USB power supply making an audible “click” when extra current was drawn. There is really nothing on the Photon designed or intended to make sound.

Were you using the internet button by any chance? That has a tiny speaker and as such would allow you to make sound.

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