Is there a way to connect the Spark to my android through the USB?

I am wondering is there a way to connect the Particle core / photon to a mobile phone such as Android directly using the USB port, if that could be possible, the usercase would be possible to use android phone as a extension to particle core, for example input the wifi name and password from phone to particle core/photon

If you want to connect the Photon directly though usb you would need a micro usb to micro usb cable and a rooted android phone and install a terminal and then install node.js and the once your done with that open your phone’s terminal and type npm uninstall -g spark-cli and after that type npm install -g particle-cli and that command will setup your Core/Photon and in that setup it will ask you which wifi network you want your Photon/Core connect to.

I have no clue about rooted Androids and installing terminal and whatnot, so I’ll take your word on that.
What I can say, hoewever, is that executing npm uninstall -g spark-cli is unnessecary, since it won’t be on there in the first place.

Acyually, that will only install the Particle-CLI. After you’ve done that run particle setup, which will guide you through the setup process.

He wanted to do that on his android phone and android phones don’t come with a terminal and if your android phone does come with a terminal (which would be awesome) you can ignore that first part about rooting your android phone and installing a terminal.

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