Is there a Map of user locations?

Now don’t laugh but, there is a ryhme to my madness.

Doesn’t Spark Club (Automatically pop in to the mind as Spark Plug ? - Maybe its a guy thing) :smile:

I was wondering if the Spark Team willing to part with something ? We need a 100 Spark Teams nationwide by end of year but, there’s these folks near the Great Lakes who already have that distinction. Did you know that Ubuntu calls there clubs; Teams. (Maybe I just want to be on the team too :smile:

Is there a map with community user locations on it ?

I would like to Start a Spark Club in the future or move where there is one !

Spark Club’s (Team taken) or Spark Group with some kind of official recognition as approved by the Spark Team ? Similar to how Ubuntu does it with portals for each Ubuntu Team

Then you could have a monthly Spark Club showcase in your world wide Newsletter with all kinds of Team & Club activities; or Team & team activities (Hint, Hint)