Is local IDE 100% local and 0% Internet dependent?

I want to develop and support the asset tracker at scale.
And want 100% local control over software development.
I want to be able to develop and debug even if disconnected from Internet.

(Especially, after today’s global DNS hack)

Particle Dev compiles online, so it’s not (yet?) 100% local. Seeing as the firmware is open source, there’s nothing stopping you from setting up your own tool chain though, which you can use to compile 100% locally. There are instructions on github and the community if you look for them :slight_smile:

Hi @douglaskbell,

Instructions for building locally are available here:



IIRC - there’s an additional ‘contributor’ atom package called “offline compiler” - that makes local compilation work with the IDE.

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I would recommend using po-util if you are on Linux or MacOS. Its a great wrapper for the Particle Toolchain, and it makes it easy to install all of the required dependencies.

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