Is it possible to access softAP setup page using a DNS?

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I was using my photon in softAP mode to set WiFi creds using “” IP & once it’s connected to cloud, I was able to open the webpage hosted on photon using mDNS library.
My question is that is it possible that I can open both of this using single DNS (eg. device.local). So, is it possible to open softAP page using the same DNS(and not the IP Address)?

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EDIT: To make it more clear, by entering device.local, I want to open my hosted page when photon is connected to cloud, otherwise open softAP page while in LM mode.

in SoftAP mode your photon is not connected to the network instead you connect to it, so in theory I suppose you could put a tiny DNS server on the device itself that had that entry. Once connected to your cloud it would also be connected to your network and so could work as before.
However the tidier option might be to implement a captive portal that redirects any address to your main page, libraries for this exist for other devices like the esp8266, however I suspect that is not compatible with SoftAP mode although it would probably be a nice idea as it would solve the need to tell client configuring via SoftAP to load an IP address rather than a URI they would be more familiar with.

@Viscacha, Exactly! The need is to make it simpler and easier for clients.

Yes, I got your point here. But, wouldn’t this require some changes in firmware library such as softap_http.h?

Highly likely, making life easier for the end user is an important area for Particle based products but its not an easy one to solve, even connecting to a SoftAP is a bit of an annoyance that is apparently not even possible with some devices that disconnect from APs that don’t provide internet access. I guess this is why Electric IMP went with setting up their devices with a photodiode (every mobile has a screen after all). Other nice options include IR or NFC, the problem is we are still some way away from either of those being standard item on anything other than high end mobiles.

Yes, it’s not easy! I’d give it a try with my team! If I’d be successful, I’d definitely post it in the future!