IRremote particle lib should implement more protocols?

Hi Everyone, my first post here I would like to understand how the libraries, for example IRRemote.h, that we install in a particle project are maintained?

I’m working in some IR applications and using the provided library is very difficult. But I’ve found a similar one for ESP8266, that have much more protocols implemented and could help a lot of people.

Is there any common way in the community to contibute with this? Or this libs are only maintained by particle?

Just to ilustrate:
This is a protocol that I’m trying to port to particle irremote lib, that cloud be intersting for other people. HOw to contribute? This makes sense to you guys?

Be Safe!

Most libraries are contributed by individuals and if you have issues with or suggestions for their libraries you’d need to get in contact with the original contributor.
Some libraries have (although all should) a link to a GitHub repository where you can place your requests.

However, it sounds your suggestions wouldn’t fit the bill for a GitHub issue as it would not call for adaptation of the existing library but a complete rewirte.
So it appears to me that this might be a case where you would become a library contributor

To do that, you would

  • create a new local library framework via CLI particle library create
  • place your sources in the src folder and do the porting and testing
  • once done, upload via particle library upload
  • test this still private version of the library in Web IDE
  • when satisfied, publish it via particle library publish

Don’t forget to also upload that library to GitHub and place the link in the as repository entry to allow others to create GitHub issues (and potentially pull requests).


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