iOS 10 and SoftAP


Upon upgrading to iOS10, SoftAP setup has stopped working. I’ve fiddled with the App Transport Security and no combination has worked. The point of failure occurs after connecting to the Photon-XXX wifi connection and attempting first data exchange. Here is the XCode error message:

2016-10-29 11:57:59.423409 SPM[3308:1243796] WF: === Starting WebFilter logging for process SPM
2016-10-29 11:57:59.424904 SPM[3308:1243796] WF: _userSettingsForUser mobile: {
    filterBlacklist =     (
    filterWhitelist =     (
    restrictWeb = 1;
    useContentFilter = 0;
    useContentFilterOverrides = 0;
    whitelistEnabled = 0;
2016-10-29 11:57:59.427255 SPM[3308:1243796] WF: _WebFilterIsActive returning: NO
2016-10-29 11:58:24.768539 SPM[3308:1244237] [] nw_socket_write_close shutdown(15, SHUT_WR): [49] Can't assign requested address

Any help appreciated.


@BCN just a heads up that I edited your post so that the error message is more readable.

@ido can you take a look?

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I also have tried SOFTAP for entering WiFi credentials on a Photon.

When I connect to on the iPad with iOS 10 it just shows a paper icon and says hello below it and then Octlet 14.

When I connect to the same on an Android Phone the WiFi Programming page shows up just fine.

Soft AP also works just fine a Windows 10 PC.

@zach, this thread might be going the same direction
iOS 10 rejects a Photon in setup
Maybe this gets some solution for @ghovagim’s issue too

I hope this will get some attention, but I still suspect iOS to be the reason and not Particle.

Anyone from Particle have a chance to investigate or provide a comment?

I suspect due to iOS 10 Content Security Policy that loading the SoftAP browserify script (softap-browser.js) from one site and then invoking on the Photon LAN address is no longer allowed. For me, this is a major bummer and kills browser SoftAP setup on iOS.

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Well, I got SoftAP working with iOS10 by using the setup described here: . My use case is serving the pages externally, not serving pages from Photon.

Two thumbs up to mebrunet.