Introducing: The Particle Makerspace Empowerment Program

I could not be more stoked to announce that our Makerspace Empowerment Program has launched!

Long story short, we want to get Particle hardware in (or on) the drawers. closets, desks and workbenches of local hacker garages and makerspaces. Here’s the announcement blog so you can read all about it:

The Particle Makerspace Empowerment Program supplies local Makerspaces with hardware, special discounts, and dedicated support, all free of charge.

Do you know a Makerspace who could benefit from some free hardware goodness? Let them know about our program!

As always, reach out if you have any questions in a comment or DM. I’m here to help. :sunglasses:

– Joe


Can I buy shares in Particle ?


… is the local maker space in Coeur d’Alene, ID. I’m not a member there, but you might hit them up.

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Nice! Thanks for sharing, @LabSpokane. I’ll hit them up for sure.

Hacker Dojo, in Santa Clara, CA.

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