Introducing our new team members — Mohit and David!

Hey everyone! We’ve brought a couple of new folks onto the Spark team and I just wanted to introduce you all to our new folks, @mohit and @dave!

@mohit is joining the Core team, and is a hardware guru with a robotics background. He’s currently going through all of my Shield designs and fixing my numerous mistakes. Here’s his most awesome project, the Foambot:


@dave is joining the Cloud team, and is an old friend of the Spark team; he used to work out of CoCo, our co-working space, but was hired away from us a few months ago. Well, we hired him back. He’s a jack-of-all-trades software guy, and is currently working on the encrypted communications protocol for Cloud to Core chatting. Here’s something awesome he built:

Homelessness Analytics

They’ll be hanging around here, answering questions and making all the stuff we’re building better. Welcome, guys!