Internet of Bees

Internet of Bees

This is a cellular-connected hive monitor that offers these features:

  • send an instant notification (email, SMS/text, or telegram message) if the hive is moved or knocked over

  • monitor the internal temperature of the hive

  • monitor the external temperature and humidity of the hive

  • low-cost cellular connectivity:

    • LTE CAT-M1 if you are in North America

    • 2G/3G in the rest of the world

  • you can check coverage here
  • option of wifi connectivity (if there is wifi coverage where you intend to place the device)

  • battery operated - solar panel being tested

  • Ubidots charts

  • highly configurable

Do you prefer a video description? Here is Ian at Electromaker:

Many thanks to @omgbees


Thanks for sharing!

I also want to capture ‘movement’ in the hive and I wonder how an IR sensor at the opening would work?

what kind of infrared sensor do you have in mind?

I’ve seen projects that sense bees movement via sound, would that work, do you think?

My cousin lost all of her bees in a freak hard freeze last winter. I like the idea of this for monitoring, but do you think it would be possible to set up a small heating element for cold weather situations like this? I understand its battery/solar panel so a full on heater wouldn’t work, but something to keep it above the cold temps at which bees freeze to death?

oh that’s very sad.
Perhaps using a big battery like this one:

and using a heat pad or something appropriate controlled with a relay, your idea could fly:

I have never tried this in the past but maybe others can chip in in the elements selection, if you would like to proceed.

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Thanks for the links, I’m gonna try it out and possibly get to send her an early Christmas gift.

oh I forgot to add the adapter for the battery:

if you add stuff to the project and don’t mind sharing, let me know and I can add it to the code and hackster project.

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if you would like a video intro, here is one by Ian at Electromaker: