Internet Enabled Button

I am wondering if any Particle products can help me. I have a magnetically sealed door - the receptionist opens it by pressing a ‘doorbell’ button behind her desk.

I want to replace the ‘doorbell’ button with an internet enabled button so that I can also ‘press the button’ remotely.

I know this is possible as many security companies sell a similar functionality but they bundle it with video features… I don’t want any video features - I just want a button.

Also note - reading many product specifications here - the buttons seem to focus on the button sending event data to the internet - I am looking to reverse that - a remote person will send data to the button triggering an event.

Can anyone please give me some help with this?

You can simply introduce a relay that would connect and disconnect the two ends of the doorbell button (assuming that’s the design).

Remotely, calling a Particle.function() would toggle the relay accordingly.

API Call --> Triggers a function() on the Photon --> Toggle the relay that “presses” the doorbell

It will look something like but with the bulb replaced with your doorbell button.