Internet button Knob.js script location incorrect

I’m building the internet button project and the reference to the Jquery knob.js script in the source code on the particle website doesn’t seem to exist at the URL in the code. Does anyone know where this has moved to?

What project, what reference, and what source code?
The internet is a big place, and it’s not always obvious what you’re referring to. Some additional information (links/code) never hurts :wink:

It’s the InternetButton demo here
That contains this comment

/* Let me show you how easy it is to put the Button on the Internet.
Useful info, like how to access the data from your browser, can be
found here:

The code to control the number of illuminated LEDs is here:
Try naming one of your devices "InternetButton" and running controlKnob in your browser or on your phone!
Note that the Core or Photon *must* be named "InternetButton" because the javascript looks for it.

Which refers to this

And this is the home of the knob :wink:

But as @Moors7 pointed out, the above would have been what should have been part of the initial post - don’t expect us to go searching for the info you casually mentioned.

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With the information above (which we shouldn’t have to look for), and a quick google, you should be able to use this: