Interfacing with LabWindows CVI or Labview from photon

I have set up a few different systems for monitoring variables such as temperature, position, on/off switches, ect… Next my goal is to interface the variables with metrics and gauges, but I would like to utilize LabWindows CVI or Labview to display them (I know there are numerous dashboard and other services that make nice displays but I’ve been swayed/instructed to try one of those).
I know the communication to these programs is over serial, and I have found some tutorials on arduino interfacing with these programs, but would like to do it with my photons if possible. So does anyone know of simple and effective ways to send data for display from the photon to labview or CVI user interface or front panel? Thanks!

If it’s ‘just’ serial communications, the same instructions should hold true for the Photon as they do for an Arduino. Give those instructions a shot and see if they work. If not, feel free to ask some specific questions :smile: