Interactive lighting landscape


I have just got myself a couple of Photons for my most recent project. Is my first try with physical computing and the Photon really made it easy.

The project was to create an interactive light source. A device to allow that we keep in touch with distant friends, family and lovers. It is made of two parts, a Link sculpture and a light scape. The Link is loaded with a bunch of LDR sensors and on detecting ambient changes triggers events on the light piece. The light piece is running a simple fluid simulation.

I am still working on the project but I have been making some reports on my tumblr about the project and whats inside. The final project will live on my website. I would love to know what you think and maybe get some advice.

Meanwhile, Ill keep on coding :wink:


Very nice - would be cool to see a video of it in action.

Hey everyone,

I apologise it took me so long. Here is a video for the project

Also dont forget to check out the project page and whats inside.
There is more coming up!


My compliments for an interesting a very appealing piece of artwork!

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beautiful project!

is it possible to look at the fluid code?
are you planning on publishing the code by any chance?
thank you,

Hello mate! Thank you for your kind comment.

The code is full of hacks and cheats to make sure the colour mixing doesn’t go badly. But really there is nothing too complicated going on. The trickiest bit was stopping it from looking bad.

The animations are based in 1D reaction - diffusion (Gray scott model), I am using fastLED library and generating a colour gradient from 16 colours. The RD moves the LEDs in the colour space. something like this

· when receives a ping (interaction)
· fluidity level increases

· every update
· move in colour space by fluidity
· decrease fluidity

function moving in colour space is a simplified implementation of Gray Scott RD, adapted from the fantastic Karsten Schmidt,

I really believe looking at the code would not help you as it is an adaption of code I carry from other projects (namely this one) However feel free to PM me if you would like to discuss this.