Using Particle as multi simultaneous receivers


I have an idea, and I came across Particle via adafruit. I’m not sure if this is the right system for my idea, but please, if you all have any ideas on what direction I should take I’d love to hear them.

My idea:

Have 5(eventually a lot more if possible) wristbands on 5 different people in a room(potentially a very large room) with a single RGB LED on each as well as a wireless receiver (with appropriate hardware).
Have 1 laptop or other mobile device controlling the wristbands lighting patterns. Either using some form of lighting software or hand coded system.

Does this idea make sense in the context of Particle? Is it fast enough and have enough capacity to transmit live lighting commands?

Thank you for the help, also if this is in the wrong section, forgive me, I’ll move it or take it down.

Sounds like an interesting project. If there’s wifi in the room, you can certainly use the Photon for this. There’s an RGB LED on it already, but you can use your own as well. Depending on how you want to control them, and/or how fast, there may or may not be software available. Using something like UDP on a local network should work plenty fast and reliable.
I’d suggest getting a Photon and playing around with it. It’s rather easy to learn, and provides for endless hours of building interesting projects :slight_smile:

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I did see an old post floating around about artNET. Do you or any one else know if the new Particle is capable of supporting it?

Thanks! I’ll have to pick one up, they do look super cool!