Integration with Ninja Blocks - allow Spark core to appear as a sensor

Hi there,
I just wanted to share a few thoughts with you and see if some of you think along the same lines :

While working on my first spark project I came across the same problem/challenge I believe we all have, the web interface.

Basically all I want is a notification when an event occurs on my core. I also want a big red button on my phone to close the door.

As you see, nothing really fancy here. To accomplish this, I would have to develop the code in my preferred language, find a hosting, deploy, monitor, etc …
This is a lot of work for a red button :wink:

Meanwhile, I stumbled upon Ninja Blocks . I strongly encourage you to have a look there.

They work on the same topic : Internet Connected things. The main difference is that they work more on the user front end. They designed a web interface with a rule system, SMS notifications, Big red button, dashboard, etc.

The design is very classy and easy to use. On the hardware side, they are very far from the efficiency of the spark core : you need a beaglebone with nodejs, plus a shield with an arduino on it to wire up your sensors… the price tag is $40 for the shield + around $45 for the Beagle Bone Black. As you see, it’s far from the price of a spark core

What if we could have both the nice user interface from Ninja Blocks and the spark core ecosystem and price tag ?.

There is the possibility to use webhooks both for receiving events from the core and for triggering things on the core.

As I mentioned, the client uses a nodejs library and is open source. That’s something common between both solution.

Would it be possible to have a bridge between both systems ? We could easily plug our spark projects into Ninja Blocks ecosystem.

Does anyone here feel the same ?