Home Security System via Spark Core

I’ve finally replaced my Arduino based Home Security System with a new one based on the Spark Core!

Here it is:

My house came pre-wired for a security system, so I tap into those. Basically I have the following inputs:

  • Door Sensors (x3)
  • Motion Sensors (x2)

I have 1 Piezo buzzer and 1 Neopixel stick as a status indicator. When a door opens, the Piezo buzzer beeps 3 times. I also created webhooks that send push notifications when someone opens a door via Pushbullet.

This is still a very premature setup. I plan on adding a Siren and also letting me configure the push notifications/siren via a web app. But that’s down the road.

Here is a picture of the old Arduino setup I had (it only sent emails via App Engine):

I will post more on this topic as I get the software side complete :smile:


pretty cool!
thanks for posting it