Integration into Workflow (iOS App)

Now that Particle has a new fancy iOS App that allows you to view sesnor data and run published functions, it would be awesome if the very hackable iOS App called Workflow ( would allow you to call these functions with a quick button.

I could be mistaken, but wouldn’t that be something you’d have to contact Workflow for, rather than Particle, considering it’s their app?

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I’m not sure. I’m assuming both parties will have to talk? I just know they have integrations in with other apps. I figured Particle wanting to expand the usability would be in their best interest.

On a side note, @Moors7, man, you really need to work on how you phrase things. The way you said that could be taken very negatively… I would usually give people the benefit of the doubt but based the past 2 years of reading your posts it hard to do that.

Yes, communications between both parties would obviously be a good thing. Considering you’d like Workflow to add compatibility for Particle, I’m assuming they’d need to initiate things, since they’re the ones who’d have to build it. Particle can’t add support for Workflow if they don’t add it to their app, thus I’d assume it’s up to Workflow.

Personally, I don’t really see how my comment above could be very negative. Me saying “I could be mistaken” is giving one the benefit of doubt, since I’m of the opinion that if you want platform X to integrate with Particle, platform X is the one you should be (first) talking to. Then again, I could be wrong, hence the “I could be mistaken”.
Contrary to you (apparently), I do not know who I’m talking to. I’ve seen a fair couple of people going:“why doesn’t platform X have support for Particle?!” Without realizing Particle isn’t responsible for what 3rd parties do, or do not, support. I do not know how much aware you are of who’s responsible for what, hence the suggestion to maybe take it up with workflow.

In the spirit of learning and improving (since I’m volunteering in my own free time…), how would you have phrased it?

My guess is that Workflow wouldn’t actively go out and pursue a relationship with smaller apps. Apps like Evernote with large install bases would probably be on their radar. Particle in the world of iOS is very small which is why I would think it would take the company and/or community to want this to happen. With me posting it here, maybe others would see the vision and want the same.

I know you see all sorts of people here. A lot are probably frustrated because of an issue they are having and probably come off very negatively. Personally I couldn’t do what you do and spend the amount of time that you do. So in that regard, thanks!

-In the spirt of learning- (this is just my opinion)
You message had nothing positive in it. You said you could be wrong and then questioned if I’m doing the right thing.

“Workflow looks pretty cool! Do you have any knowledge of how particle could be integrated into it?”

And maybe 90% of your posts are neutral/positive and I just happen to remember the more negative ones? Anyway, time to move on. Have a great day!

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