Installing Firmware on Locally Assembled Spark Board

Will the steps remain the same to load the firmware (as mentioned in topic if we get Spark Core Board locally assembled?

Hey @amit_singh

  1. You will need a STlink V2 to load the bootloader into the new STM 32 chip

  2. Next will be default user firmware, factory reset firmware, spark cloud public key, core private key

  3. The last step is to send the public key of your core to :spark: HQ but i’m not sure if they have a pricing model for cores not made by them.

Let’s ask… @Steph! :smile:

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Thanks @kennethlimcp. Pretty useful information. So, seems like local manufacturing may not be a feasible option at this point in time.

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@amit_singh, manufacturing is tough business! I have seen how the products are made at the PCBA factory and I can vouch for it.

Leave the tough problems to the :spark: HQ and the price you are getting is really awesome compared making low quantities.

If you are considering a customized board for commercialization, drop them an email :slight_smile:

Otherwise, the ones you buy at US39 is the cheapest you can find so far :slight_smile:

Hey @amit_singh I believe I owe you an email to talk about all of this stuff more in-depth. Short answer is this is not yet an automated process for individual Cores, you still need to go through us to add other hardware to the cloud.

If you’re talking about doing this in volumes vs for individual use we can talk more in depth about it offline - as it would involve a slightly different process!

Hi @Steph, Thanks for the information. Will wait for further updates from you on the mail I sent earlier.

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