How do i produce my own Spark Core

Hi Guys!!

I am trying to build my own spark core.
I know that Spark Core is an Open Source project and we can get the schematics or eagle PCB boards at github.

But i am no idea what to do after i get all the stuff in my hand. As we know, like arduino, we need to burn bootloader into a new AVR before we using Arduino IDE.

Is that Spark Core also has a similar method to do so?
Any advise will be appreciate :wink:


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Yup, you will need an STlinkV2 to program the STM32F103b on the spark core with the bootloader.

Other that than, the rest are simply putting all the components on to the spark core pcb.

If you are referring to the P0 or P1 modules, they will be shipped with spark firmware by default. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply @kennethlimcp !!!

Do you know any tutorial of using STlinkV2 to program the STM32F103b on the spark core with the bootloader?

I can’t find anything about this at the source page… :frowning:

You can probably follow the steps in:

Remember that the SPI external flash needs to be programmed as well.

Following suit, the core ID and public key needs to be emailed to Spark in order for it to be recognized by the :cloud:

@BDub assembled 2 by hand previously and his experience might be useful for you:

Thank you!!!

I will try this method when i get my own STlinkV2!!!