Install new Sparkfun Qwiic library

Silly question Im sure for the VS Code veterns.

I’m trying to write a program using VSCode for the Tracker and I am trying to talk to a Sparkfun Qwiic GPIO Expander that is in their arduino library. I have noticed that many of the other Sparkfun libraries are available to import and install in VS Code, but this particular one is not. I have tried for about 4 hours and I am getting very frustrated. I am new to using VS Code with particie and I would love to know how I go about installing a LOCAL LIBRARY into VS code that is then accessible to my program. I can copy the library package to the same folder and it appears to have all the same components as other libraries that I have successfully installed, but when I do a #include, the .h file cannot be located.

I’m sure its something simple?

Yes, it is possible, but you basically need to create a Particle formatted library in the lib directory.

Alternatively you can use SparkFun_Qwiic_GPIO_Library which is is a port of the SparkFun library for the Qwiic GPIO (TCA9534).

(I have a tool that automatically ports the libraries, I just forgot to add that one.)

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now THAT is what I call "Service"!!

Thank you very much! It worked.