Install 3rd party library (not in Particle's library directory) for use in Workbench

Hi, all. I'm very confused about how to add an Arduino compatible library (for a Sparkfun Qwiic OLED display and a Sparkfun Qwiic Environmental sensor) to a project. They don't exist in Particle's list of libraries. An example is here:

Qwiic Micro OLED Hookup Guide - SparkFun Learn

Any help appreciated. Note that this is for a P2.

Just download the source from their Github. Extract the zip if you're using that. Save the entire SparkFun_Micro_OLED_Arduino_Library directory in the lib directory at the top level of your project directory.

That's it.

But how does the compiler (and Workbench) find the header files?

For every directory in the lib directory at the top of the project directory, within that directory, every src directory is added to the include path. So just include the .h file, with no path.

#include "SFE_MicroOLED.h"

Looks like it was a VSCode glitch that resolved itself after a manually initiated build. Thanks!

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