Initial experience to help others

Hello. Before I start my quick family vacation I wanted to upload some hints. I’ll upload my results in a few days, but perhaps this’ll save others time.

I received two Photons yesterday and my prewritten code and interface worked 90% perfectly after ~3 hours of trying to understand the Photon. Now I have BS EE, CE, MS EE and FTE… So I’m pretty nerdy… And it still took three hours! (BTW, I love the Photon).

My “process”. I don’t have a Mac or Android, so I had to set up my Photon on Windows alone. I followed the “getting started” and deviated to the windows steps when it asked for the IOS or Android. I couldn’t get “particle setup” to work fully through. (Windows 8.1). I trolled the forums (I agree people should look before just asking!) and found “particle serial setup”. I got that to work - do not detect your security type, select it manually (kept crashing on detect). Once connected the lights ran as the steps said. But… Now how do I take ownership! I found the web interface to glad my code and the claim section, but I had no device IDs. I followed the forum steps to get Windows to put it on COM4. After that I ssh’d to COM4 with default settings while the blue connected to cloud light was cycling. Then still connected I held the setup button to transition to rapid blue. At this point the device would go “live” in putty and I could hit “I” for my device ID. After this I claimed them (after remembering to get to the soft cycling blue.). Lastly the access key is on the website you flash you code in settings.

Ok… That’s it. SO SORRY this is really poorly written. But I’m typing this on my Windows Phone tight before I run to SD for a few days. If it’s not coherent, elites (awesome people) please delete.


Fyi, after this got my project running in ~1 hour. So excellent forums/documents after that initial pain.