Influxdb cloud webhook

Has anyone had any success getting this working:

I am constantly getting error 401 so an issue authorizing. I think I have followed the instructions correctly but obviously something is wrong.
I have searched on here but all of the posts are about telegraf on peoples own servers running influxdb

Hey @bayesp can you post the full integration and response from Influx cloud?

I had to delete the integration as the amount of errors was a problem. I have actually now built a node red, influxdb, grafana server on a raspberry pi and am using that. I haven’t connected my photon yet but will be trying that tomorrow. I should have updated my post to reflect this. Thanks for replying though.

ok, feel free to ping me here if you have any questions as you do that!

Thanks. Do you kneed an integration when using the node red partis SSE node or is the access token all that’s needed ?

@bsatrom All working now, thanks for your help, or offer of help at least.

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Glad you got it. I’ve not used node-red in a while, did the SSE node work ok?

Couldn’t have been easier. Just added the access token and event name and it worked. Had the use a function to extract the data as an object but wasn’t hard. Don’t you have a system based on node red?

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