Increasing the buffer of I2C Bus (Wire.h)

I am stuck with trying to increase the buffer size of I2C bus in Wire.h. I need to access the wire.h and update(tried doing this) how can i do that from the Web IDE ? If not then is there any other I2C library i can use ?

One of the Elites can confirm, but I believe the only way to update the I2C “wire” implementation is to change the device OS and recompile using a monolithic build. The I2C wire is not a “library” that can be altered in WebIDE, rather, it is part of the core device OS. Why do you need to alter the default 32-byte buffer?

FYI: There is a define in this part of the device OS that has a buffer length…

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I am using a I2C device which requires a buffer of more than 32-byte. My device works well with the Arduino.
FYI - For Arduino i had to update the wire.h(version older than 2015) buffer to get all of the data but with the new update in Arduino for wire.h that’s not required.
It seems like the core Device OS of boron and the in the I2C documentation the buffer length is fixed to 32-Byte.
Seems like the only way is to do a monolithic build.

You can also do that with a modular build, but you need to update the device OS modules along with the application module. And you will need to keep building your application locally with the tweaked repo.

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@pinak have a look at this post [SOLVED] I2C requestFrom() - how to read > 32 bytes?