Change TwoWire I2C buffer in custom firmware


I am working with NFC over I2C and I am running into issues with the size of BUFFER_LENGTH in the I2C TwoWire setup.

My NFC P2P library needs 44 bytes in order to send/recieve data from Android Beam. I was wondering if I can change BUFFER_LENGTH to 44 without anything breaking…? I want to use I2C instead of SPI so I can attach to an interrupt instead of polling.

I just want to make sure that this will work before I set up my machine to build the custom firmware.


@jlkalberer, that should work just fine. Make sure the new size includes any overhead bytes you may need beyond the 44 bytes. I believe Spark is close to releasing an new HAL version of the firmware but using the master branch is fine for now. This is the beauty of open source! :smile:


Ok, thanks. I got the binary to flash.